About Us

Imagine a healthier, more equitable and sustainable Kent

Living Well Kent (LWK) is a community-driven collaborative dedicated to the vision of public spaces and initiatives that encourage healthier lifestyles and better living. It is focused on creating a healthier, more equitable and more sustainable city. LWK’s specific goals include creating community in which all residents thrive:

  • Widespread access to healthy and affordable food for all residents
  • Safer streets and public spaces  that encourage physical activity
  • Greater equity and therefore opportunities to achieve full potential
  • A strong sense of community inclusion

We recognize that our community is ethnically and culturally diverse and that our work must stay grounded in diverse voices.

We believe that all people and food have purpose. We seek to understand and celebrate each other across barriers around culture, age, values, gender, ethnicity, politics, and physical, linguistic, intellectual or developmental abilities.

Our Guiding Values

To achieve our bold Purpose, we commit living out the following values…

  • We build trust and create healthy, inclusive community partnerships
  • We honor and cherish diversity by building cultural competence
  • We acknowledge and celebrate our collective strengths
  • Many voices, one message

Our Change Approach

  • Mobilize and build community capacity
  • Take collective action on shared priorities
  • Provide backbone support for deeper collaboration

Our Leadership Team

Our dynamic team of community members comes from all walks of life and bring passion to our work. Our team is qualified, committed and ready to make a difference.



Mauricio Ayon 


Mauricio has over 20 years’ experience building powerful coalitions for change. He has a background of business leadership, of lobbying lawmakers on a range of community issues, including health care, and for developing legislative and political strategies. His personal values and his work ethic strongly align with existing strategies for delivering a health-focused initiative, with a strong commitment to racial equity. Mauricio is bilingual and has a strong cultural understanding of the Latino community, with a broad network of contacts in political, labor, environmental and community organizations.


Sabah Saed

Vice Chair

Born in Mogadishu, Sabah has lived in the US for more than 20 years. She has been teacher, student, activist, translator, mother and entrepreneur. She first began volunteering at Kent Family Youth Center when she signed up her daughter for preschool there and began working as a teacher’s assistant when a position opened up there. Sabah holds an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Highline Community College and is the mother of eight. She also runs an in-house daycare center and is on the board of SEIU Local 925.

Mychal BoiserMychal Boiser

Board Member

Mychal has extensive leadership experience in the hospitality and food service industries. As a chef instructor and executive director of Kona Kai Coffee in Kent, he has an expertise in food safety and health regulations and is working within the industry to create smart solutions to end hunger, homelessness and poverty.

Shamso Isaak

Shamso Issak

Executive Director

Shamso is a consultant who works with nonprofits to build collaborative, adaptive, innovative and sustainable partnerships. She supports clients with much needed technical assistance to create lasting partnerships that achieve business results. Shamso has a master’s degree in organizational systems in leadership from Saybrook University Leadership Institute of Seattle and a bachelor’s in human resources from Evergreen State College in Tacoma. She supports and volunteers with several nonprofits and is board president of the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle.

Risho SopanoRisho Sapano

Board Member

Risho holds a master’s Degree in international development and social change and has worked extensively with international organizations such as Oxfam America and the Canadian Save the Children’s Fund. In addition, she has worked with several nonprofit organizations such as YWCA, ReWA and Lutheran Community Services in the fields of domestic violence advocacy, housing and mental health counseling services.  Risho is a strong advocate for refugee and immigrant issues and is founder and executive director of Mother Africa, a Kent-based community organization that assists African immigrant and refugee women and their families achieve their highest potentials. Risho, who speaks Arabic and English, volunteers with the American Red Cross’ Language Bank.

Satwinder KauSatwinder Kaur

Board Member

Satwinder has an MBA in technology management and over six years of IT experience as a technical project manager. She has a passion for working in an inclusive community and has served on the Kent International Festival Committee, helping to organize the event. She has also served on Kent’s Cultural Communities board and worked on conservation projects within the city. As a member of Sikh SOCH, she has helped organize events and donation drives and organized volunteers for different Sikh community functions. She volunteers with Seattle Pride and speaks Punjabi, Hindi and English.


Carol Osorio 

Board Member

Carol strives to help make the city of Kent a better living environment for everyone. 




Yahya Algarib

Board Member

Yahya is the founder of the Iraqi Community Center of Washington, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the economic success and effective integration of Iraqi community members through advocacy, culturally competent services, leadership development and civic engagement. The organization was established in 1998 to provide resettlement services to refugee and immigrant families.


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